The summer of 2015!

First, let’s press play on my eternal summer song.

Right on. Grooviest tune I know. Catchy. Reminds me of drinking and singing with friends in Australia. Feel free to dance a little as you read.

So far, this summer has been awesome. It’s been busy as sometimes, and a lot of the time I’ve felt overwhelmed with the things going on in my life. That said – I’m going to practice a little bit of gratitude today, because my soul needs it.

  • This summer has been about volunteering. I’ve been volunteering as long as I can remember – for Santas Anonymous, for the Hinton SPCA, and now for the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, Noorish Yoga, and the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. I’ve spent a lot of time in ugly volunteer shirts this summer, laughing and talking in the sunshine.


  • This summer has been about great music – the Wild Mountain Music Festival, the Calgary Folk Festival, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. I’ve heard Corb Lund, Delhi to Dublin, Oka, the Joel Plaskett Emergency, Whitehorse, Shakey Graves, the John Butler Trio, Jenny Lewis, Frasey Ford, Ashley MacIsaac – to name a few! I’ve danced a lot, drank some, and generally had a blast. Next up in the great summer of music? The Edmonton Symphony Under the Sky. Heck yes.
    (thanks to the lovely ROB for the image)
  • This summer has been about friendships. Old friends, new ones. I went on a bit of a runaway with one of my oldest friends, and woke up with a sore stomach from laughing all night (and a sore head from all of the beer. Won’t lie there). I volunteered with newish friends, and definitely feel like I made some lasting friendships. I spent a weekend camping with two of my dearest friends, which is always full of laughter and stories. This weekend holds moving two of my most favourite people, and drinking mojitos with another group of amazing individuals. How lucky is that? I feel pretty darn lucky.
  • This summer has been about trying to figure out how to do yoga in a smoking hot basement when it’s +30 outside. The short answer is – bad N to her practice that has slid to 1 night a week because it’s all I can handle. I am not a fan of the heat – can it snow already, please? Or at least rain every night so I can sleep?
  • This summer has been the year of camping in the badlands, which is something that I have wanted to do for years and just haven’t done. It wasn’t strictly badlands – as my pal Joe described it – it was where the prairies met the badlands. Either way, the company was fabulous, the river was lazy, wide, and cool, and the food tremendous.sunset
  • This summer has been punctuated by one really amazing, slow kiss after a second date. The night was warm, and there were butterflies during said kiss and wide grins immediately following, and lots of hope for the possibility with this guy. Sadly, it was just one kiss and then done – boo to that. But. Clearly not meant to be. And that’s okay too. Because, sometimes – all a girl needs is a slow, sweet kiss that gives her butterflies to remind her that there are kisses like that out there.
  • This summer has been about trying my first (and very likely last) prairie oyster. Turns out, garlic butter covers all manner of sins. For those of you who don’t know, a prairie oyster is bull testicles. It was…. interesting. As I described it to my BFF this week – it was like a sausage bite. Until you think about what it actually was.
  • This summer has been full of family visits – literally. I’ve seen my brother more this summer than I have in the last 3 years. My parents have been in the city more than they ever have been, and sometimes with my very short, bossy notice (more on that reasoning in a moment). I’ll be visiting with my father’s sister in September – she’s never been to Alberta in my lifetime, so I’m so excited to get to know her more!
  • This summer has been the summer of buying property. That’s right – I definitely purchased my first home this summer. I take possession at the end of August, which is equal parts terrifying and elating. It’s the most perfect place for me – full of light and high ceilings and dark laminate and a kitchen big enough for two. I’ve spent a lot of my summer getting ready to move – buying plates and glasses, finding bar stools to fit at the island. I’m now packing my books up, sorting through years of memories and purging from the things that I no longer need in my life. It’s been about daydreaming about the colour of my bedroom – do I keep it the sapphire colour? Or should I paint it a more aqua colour, to help bring out the purple crystals in the closet chandelier? It’s been about trying to find a date for an open house that works for my pal GG AND my brother, while keeping in mind that I may have an overnight guest (or five) for that weekend. It was about telling my Nana about this achievement, and hearing her get oh-so excited for me.

This year is going by so quickly. It makes me happy that I’m able to be here, and be present within it. In the meantime… have a little bit of a smile, courtesy of Bill Watterson.